Latest satellite launch fuelled by Westcott firm

22/10/21 | Tenant News, Park News, Sector/Industry News

Specialists at European Astrotech are once again helping to power the latest international space mission.

The firm is providing fuelling services for two Galileo satellites which will launch from the European Spaceport in French Guiana next month.

The satellites will be launched together on a Soyuz launcher which will carry them to a planned altitude of 23,222km to orbit the Earth where they will provide navigation services.

Managing director Chris Smith said: “This will be the 8th Galileo launch in 10 years with European Astrotech fuelling five of the Soyuz launches and three of the Ariane 5 launches which encompasses all of the Full Operation Capacity series.

“There were three earlier launches which deployed the Galileo pathfinders and there should be a further eight satellites deployed in four separate launches.  This will complete the constellation plus some orbital back-ups and two of these launches will be next year.”

European Astrotech’s team of highly experienced experts provide engineering, technical and advisory support to the space propulsion industry. The company provides mechanical and chemical services in the supply and test of liquid propellants.

They carry out material compatibility investigations, equipment design, testing of components and satellite propulsion subsystems, as well as test and fuelling operations throughout the world.

They also work as launch and test support and other diverse advisory roles in safety and transport issues as well as design and production of satellite subsystems. The business has been based at Westcott since 2007.

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