Security is a priority at Westcott. Your business is protected by CCTV cameras, a 9 mile fence, 24/7 security guards, vehicle barriers and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Top Secret. Restricted Access.

As a rocket facility during the Cold War, Westcott was built to protect its secrets from outside access. That era is now part of history, but the high levels of security remain.

Security desk at Westcott


Inside the park there is a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras which are monitored from the gatehouse entrance. Westcott may be a large space, but we have it well covered. 

CCTV cameras at Westcott

Security controlled gatehouse

The gatehouse forms part of a management complex at the entrance to the park where the security guards and on-site team can offer assistance to all park occupiers and their visitors. This is the sole access through the 9 mile perimeter fence.

Security gatehouse at Westcott

Number plate recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition records every vehicle entering or leaving the park. There have been a number of occasions where this recorded information has been invaluable in protecting on-site businesses.

ANPR cameras at Westcott

Meet the guards

Bob Bamford, Bruce Washington, Mick Pender and Safeer Mohammad are our gatekeepers. With 50 years of experience between them, they monitor our extensive CCTV system and provide valuable assistance and information to anyone visiting or working here.

Guards at Westcott
Tenant stories
The key factor for us here is the space to store and work on our buildings. Security is excellent too: the gates are manned 24/7.
Mick Wilson
Portakabin (Site Accommodation) Limited Support Services
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