With our heritage in rocketry, Westcott is home to the National Space Propulsion Test Facility, the Westcott Space Cluster and a growing nucleus of space related companies developing new innovative technologies, including rocket propulsion, in-orbit manufacturing and 5G communications.

From household names to next big things

Alongside world-leading propulsion, satellite and aerospace companies, we also support the incubation of space tech start-ups within the Westcott Space Cluster. Westcott is recognised as an integral part of the UK space sector growth strategy and has attracted over £40 million investment.  Future Investment will ensure Westcott’s place at the heart of the UK space industry.

From household names to next big things

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The space race is back on

Once the preserve of government agencies, the final frontier is now an open market for commercial businesses. This new era of space exploration is creating exciting opportunities for technicians and entrepreneurs who can help corporations reach for the stars.

Over the next 10 years, Westcott will become the UK Centre for the next generation of propulsion systems and small satellite manufacture.

The space race is back on

Big steps for mankind

Westcott is home to the UK Space Agency’s National Space Propulsion Test Facility – a gold standard rocket test facility which allows UK companies and academics to fire up and test state-of-the-art space propulsion engines.

The UK Space Agency has worked with the European Space Agency, the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s RAL Space facility, and NAMMO UK to develop this cutting-edge facility. The site uses game-changing technology to test the propulsion engines that position orbiting spacecraft in conditions similar to those experienced in space.

Big steps for mankind
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I appreciate the security. Not only is the rural location right for our business, but our working relationships with other on-site businesses are also highly valuable.
Terry Slade
Ziebe Ltd Automotive | Distribution
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